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Who we are

Management Team

West Michigan Marine Detailing was founded because of the need we saw in the current marketplace to make boating easier. A weekend on the lake should be a time to relax. We aim to take care of that by providing weekly and scheduled cleaning, provisioning, and any other services you might need. We are flexible and willing to assist with any need you might have.


Mason Luce            Co-Founder 

Anonymous         Co Founder

Shaun Kayes           Co-Founder 

our timeline


In 2018, while working as a personal assistant, I was approached by a gentleman who was in need of boat detailing and cleaning services. This interaction gave me the idea to start West Michigan Marine Detailing.


Together we started a guerrilla marketing campaign, filling local marinas with posters and searching for our first clients.


After floating the idea to friends and family, they encouraged me to find some partners and pursue this venture seriously.


Our client list continues to grow, and season by season, so do we. Wrapping up our largest season yet, we are humbled and blessed by the loyalty of our clients, and we are looking forward to providing another year of stress-free boating to our customers.

We aim to help our clients spend more time on the water and less time with the bucket and brush.

Image by Will Dutton
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